Dr. Kimlin Tam Ashing


Dr. Kimlin Tam Ashing is professor, and directs the Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education (CCARE) at City of Hope. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. As an advocate-scientist her work is advancing community, theoretical and methodological approaches in behavioral, implementation and translational sciences. She is active in several cancer related organizations; she serves on the Board of Directors for the American Psycho-oncology Society; National Advisory Council for the Asian Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian Cancer Survivors Network, Executive Council of American Cancer Society, Los Angeles, and as Scientific Advisor to Komen for the Cure, LA., Latinas Contra Cancer and the African-Caribbean Cancer Consortium, and the Southern Los Angeles Patient Navigation and Wellness Center.

She is the noted leader in examining cancer disparities and quality of life, and has published over 60 articles and book chapters. Her life work is to increase the voice and representation of underrepresented groups in health sciences and research by mentoring students and trainees, and increasing the capacity of community organizations to engage in research, and address their cancer and chronic conditions. Dr. Ashing examines relevant living situation, historical and cultural contexts as these relate to health outcomes and culturally responsive health care. Her work in this area is significant and innovative and guides much of the health-equity and cross-cultural cancer survivorship research. Her scholarship is to understand and investigate how culture, ethnicity, socio-ecological and systemic contexts influence health and patient centered outcomes.

As a woman of color, raised in a multicultural (Chinese and Afro-Caribbean) and multilingual home, and the youngest of eight siblings; she recognized the salience of culture and context very early in her life. As the daughter of two former cancer survivors, and as a psychologist, she is compassionate and passionate about her work to reduce health disparities and enhance health outcomes for underserved communities.

Dr. Ashing is the mother of three children: Joshua – a Master’s level student in environmental science and economics; Kemi – a poised, math, science and technology enthusiast 8th grader; and Ajorin – a determined 3rd grader. She lives in beautiful Altadena, California. She thrives on faith, family, work and gardening

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