Health Bingo


This educational tool uses the popular bingo game card to teach the facts and dispel cancer myths common in the Latino population. Workshops address myth and misinformation, healthy eating and exercise, and promote screening and early intervention to reduce the mortality rate.

Through this Bingo education program Latinas Contra Cancer (LCC) has educated more than 3700 Latinos about breast, cervical, prostate, colorectal, blood and lung cancer. LCC has also assisted several hundred individuals get screened.

This bingo model has been replicated and adapted for the Pacific Islander and African American community. Health Bingo has also been cited in research literature, most recently in 2012, in the IBCERCC report to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on Breast Cancer and the Environment, Prioritizing Prevention.

Train the Trainer

LCC also provides day long Train the Trainer workshops for agencies interested in the Bingo model of education.

LCC is in the process of building a cancer specific training curriculum for Promotores and Patient Navigators. The release date is set for mid 2016. Your agency will be able to acquire this curriculum in part or whole by fee or license.

For Information

If you’re interested in a training, or hosting a Bingo Educational Event at your agency, school, church, or site please contact us by email: or call 408-280-0811.

You can also order the Bingo Training Program and/or bingo supplies at the number and email above.

About Us
Mission Statement

To create an inclusive health care system that provides services to the underserved Latino population around issues of breast and other cancers.

Latinas Contra Cancer is raising awareness about cancer in the Latino community, increasing access to quality care, working to decrease mortality and improving the quality of the health care experience.

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