In 2003, award-winning San Francisco Bay Area journalist Ysabel Duron founded Latinas Contra Cáncer in San Jose, CA. In 12 years, LCC has become an agency that advocates and serves the community.

For the benefit of stakeholders, researchers, physicians, CBOs, and the community, the agency convenes the National Latino Cancer Summit every two years to highlight this disease and provides resources through a bilingual website. For a decade, Ysabel organized The Walk Against Cancer on Mother’s Day .. In 2009 LCC received the Health Agency Award from the Latino Committee of the American Public Health Association.

In December 2013, Ysabel Duron received the Purpose Award from the organization; This honor recognizes Duron in his second act, as a person over 60, dedicated to serving Latinos suffering from cancer. The New York Times compares the MacArthur Genius Scholarship Purpose Award to older people working for the social good.

Cancer survivor Duron was appointed in 2011 to the IBCERCC commission, commissioned by Congress, to investigate the current state of scientific studies on the effects of the environment on breast cancer. The 270-page report was released in February 2013.

Duron retired from his television career in the Bay Area in April 2013 after 43 years in the broadcasting world. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee appointed April 11 Ysabel Duron Day in San Francisco.

Duron has received numerous honors for her journalism work and was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in 2009. She is the winner of two EMMYS, an RTNDA award, and a Professional Journalists Society distinction.

In addition, Duron received the Juliette Gordon Lowe Award, the highest honor of the Girl Scouts of America, and received statewide commendations from the American Federation of Teachers for her award-winning 3-part series: Difficulty with teachers.

In 2001, the Chicana / Latina Foundation honored Duron with the Living Legacy Award.

In 2005 Ysabel was named one of the 25 most outstanding Hispanics in the Bay Area. In 2011, the chapter of San José of the NAACP awarded him the W.E.B. Du Bois.