Defensoras: HealthCare Advocate Training

Defensoras: HealthCare Advocate Training 


Latinas Contra Cancer is excited to launch Defensoras, our first healthcare advocate training program. This pilot program will take place over 8 weeks in the summer through fall and will convene 10 to 12 participants in this initial cohort.  


Defensoras: HealthCare Advocate Training is a robust cohort style training program that will provide the participants knowledge, capacity, and skills needed to effectively engage with the healthcare system. The program is designed with six core modules that explore topics including patient’s rights, healthcare justice, and navigating treatment options.  


Our program aims to empower a cohort of Latina/x that are equipped not only to take charge in the aspects related to their health, but also ready to collectively organize and become change agents primed to dismantle health inequities in Santa Clara County.  As a collective body, Defensoras will be able to advocate for a broader Latinx community around issues of health disparities and health equity. 


Nomination Process 

Latinas Contra Cancer is looking for strong Latina/x leaders who are ready to be the change makers and advocates for their community and their right to adequate healthcare. If you or a Latina/x you know have been impacted by healthcare inequalities and want to do something about it, fill out our nomination by clicking this link.  

For more information email or call (408) 280-0811.