Patient Navigation

Latinas Contra Cancer is raising awareness about cancer in the Latino community, increasing access to quality care, working to decrease mortality rates and improving the quality of the health care experience.

Early detection is a critical part of reducing mortality from cancer. Research finds that Latinos are diagnosed at a much later stage and have a disproportionately lower survival rate. Latinas are less likely to perform breast self-exams, get mammograms, and are less likely to seek medical care when they suspect something is wrong. Navigating the healthcare system is a challenge, especially for those whose primary language is not English.

Our Patient Navigation team provides translation services, assistance with scheduling, tracking and attending appointments, guidance related to cancer support groups, referrals to and help with signing up for free to low-cost insurance and care programs or access to a safety net of resources for food security, violence prevention, emergency housing, transportation, childcare support, and other needs so that our patients can prioritize their health.

We know that in some cases our clients will not access the care they need due to lack of knowledge of the system, economic burden, documentation status, or due to being uninsured. In some cases, without LCC, our clients would continue to ignore symptoms or health concerns out of fear, feeling overwhelmed, or not knowing the urgency of those symptoms. In some cases, without LCC, clients would be diagnosed without time or resource to do anything about it.

After being navigated by LCC, participants have a better understanding of how to access care or other social services, what to expect from a care provider, and will be better able to advocate for themselves or loved ones in health care settings. Our navigation team provides culturally competent navigation, translation, social support and help with transportation, child care during visits or out of pocket prevention related expenses and connection to free and/or low-cost safety net resources.

If you or someone you know is in need of navigation services, please contact or call (408) 280 -0811.

LCC PSA on Patient Navigation and Health Education