Wig & Breast Prosthesis Boutique

Latinas Contra Cancer is raising awareness about cancer in the Latino community, increasing access to quality care, working to decrease mortality rates and improving the quality of the health care experience.

This beautiful space offers wigs, knit caps, colorful head scarves, silicone breast prostheses, support camisoles, swimsuits, tank tops, and accessories for cancer patients and survivors. This unique space provides women, who have been diagnosed with cancer, a personalized shopping experience with caring staff and trained mastectomy fitters in English and Spanish.

Quality wigs and breast prosthesis are an important part of the healing process. Many high-end mastectomy and wig boutiques exist, but not everyone can afford them. We work to ensure all women who have been diagnosed with cancer have access to the support they need through survivorship regardless of their income, other barriers, or whether or not their insurance covers their needs.

If you or someone you know needs help accessing wigs, breast prostheses for mastectomy garments please call or visit us!

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